2015 KBF Membership are NOW due for the New Year


Club admins can begin collecting Membership Dues for Club Members and Submitting the rosters for the calendar Year of 2015 to TBF.  This will help Members that want to compete in the early BFL events and want to beat rush and make use of the Early Bird registration.  Reminder: Memberships for early events need to be on a Club Roster w/6 or more memberships in order to be processed at National Headquarters.

KBF has been receiving calls from Kentucky residents who may be interested in joining the Federation and receive their membership along with FLW memberships that need to pay up early to be eligible to register for BFL events via the Early Bird signup.

KBF has decided to work with these ladies and gentlemen to recruit new members.  A new membership form has been created for this purpose.

Should you not have a home club in your area, you can join the KBF Statewide Bass Club.  Some members indicate they would like to sign up a NEW membership and be able to join a specific Club in their area.

The NEW Form allows you to indicate the name of club you prefer to join. You are required to PAY the required Club Dues separately to your specified Club to be listed as a ACTIVE member.

Please keep in mind that SINGLE Memberships will NOT be processed UNTIL your selected Club has submitted the 6 person Requirements.

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Click KBF logo above to goto Membership Online Payment Form

TBF National Dues are $50.00 per Member and include the following: 

National Dues includes ONLY your TBF & FLW Membership

Sign up now for KBF, TBF, & FLW for the low price of $65.00 for all 3

* KBF Membership $15.00 ( Good for all KBF Divisional Qualifiers, KBF State Championship & KBF Sanctioned Tournaments ) When joining through the KBF all of these Memberships are included for the $50.00 National Membership FEE.

* TBF Membership $15.00 ( Good for all TBF Divisional Tournaments, TBF National Tournaments, & TBF Sanctioned Tournaments )

Special FLW Competitor Membership Only $35.00 when joining through the TBF.  ( Good for all FLW, BFL, Rayovac & College Fishing Tournaments )

A New Twist Youth Adult MembersKBF is conducting 4 Qualifying Events for 16/18 Year Old High School Age Youth that are members of the Adult Program.  These 4 events will be held in conjunction with the 4 Youth Tournaments.   16 -18 Members who Qualify at these 4 events will be eligible for the Adults State Tournament as a Co Angler only.  These members also have the Option of competing in the Regular Adults events.

NOTE of IMPORTANTANCE:  Club Membership Dues for Individual Clubs IS NOT INCLUDED in the$50.00 amount. YOU must check with Club that you intend to join to meet the Individual Club Dues Required. 

* KBF Youth Membership For 11/15 Age Group and the High School SAF Programs are both separate STAND ALONE programs and require separate Membership Fees:  (see breakdown shown below)

 Youth Membership for 11/15 Age Group    $35.00   ($10.00 State Dues + $25.00 National Dues)

High Scool SAF Membership Fees    $25.00

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