2015 KBF Qualified for State Championship List

Names listed below in GREEN have already Paid the required Entry Fee

Names listed in Purple have indicated they will Pay at Registration

Names below in Orange type will not attend

Names in Black type have not notified KBF of their intentions of

YES or NO to attend

Qualified for 2015 KBF State Tournament

Tour ID Angler 1 Angler 2 Co Angler 1 Co Angler 2
2 Rodney Bridgman Larry Whiteman Rick Stringer None
3 Rick Kempton Paul Stone Mark VanMeter None
4 Kevin Brown Mike Stone Bobby Headrick Joshua Muse
5 Vernon Sowers Ronald Rowlett None None
6 Brian Hickey Terry Chastain Patrick Herman Paul Lackey
7 Scott Jones NONE Bob Wiles None
8 James Burns John Dixon Mike Tester Dwight Poynter
9 Johnny Cooper Pete Bayerle Dustin Poynter Dennis Wheeler
10 Mike Boggs Chad Rice Chuck Rice NONE
11 John Nevison Rodney Powell Mike Mayes NONE
12 Don Odor Darin Moxley Joey Von Hoene Adam Fugate
13 Earl Truman Joby Gossett Tom Ballowe NONE
14 Tim Hennemann Rusty Wilhoite Mike Sullivan Scott Butler
15 Ron Smith Mark Cooper Brian Bemis Tim Blythe
16 Kevin Newman Lonnie Jones Kalani Borges Tom Whittington
17 Mike Lemons Donnie Robinson NONE None
18 Bryan Snyder Karl Snyder None None
19 Steven Taylor Mark Wenger NONE None
20 Mike Williams David Stevens Dillon Rager Joshua Greene
21 Jerry Turner David Sullivan Barry Ward NONE
22 Mike McPherson Greg Hoskinson NONE NONE
23 Jay Holsapple NONE Greg Stevens NONE
24 Glenn Sageser None Tim Frohlich NONE
Note: The chart ABOVE shows 42 Anglers & 28 Co Anglers Qualified thru the 24 Divisional Events

Anglers & Co Anglers below Qualified via entering 4 or more Events: 

11 Anglers & 1 Co Angler fished 4 or more.

Total # for State Championship 

54   Anglers

28  Co Anglers 

Glenn Sageser qualified as boater & Co Angler:  he chooses to compete as Boater

82 Total Persons Qualified for KBF State Tournament

Michael Johnson 8 Ken Kleman 4
Gerald Smith 5 Hunter Harper  Jr Program
  Steven Wormley 4  Tray Hardwick  Jr Program
David Taylor 5 Trevor Windgassen  Jr Program
Gordon Summers 4  Bradley Dunagan  Jr Program
  Kenneth Davis 4    
  Wes Cole 4
David Sowers 4
Barry Smith 4    
  Michael Ryan Carter 4
Randy Findley 3 + buy in

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