2022 KBF Tournament Schedule

Additional Divisions are now adopting the Increased amount of events that was initiated last Season.

Now that the new 2022 Schedule is being prepared Every KBF member is REQUIRED to submit a new updated LIABILITY RELEASE WAIVER that will be on file with KBF Office. Click link at right to print 2022 Waiver Click here

Attention All KBF Members: When you click the link above to Print the Waiver, Please fill out completely and email the link shown below or hand deliver to the 1st KBF event in which you are competing. email to donnie@bassfederation.com

Tournament Results WILL NOT be posted until YOUR Liability Waiver is on file with KBF. You can identify that your waiver is on File by checking the Best of 4 Point Standings. If Waiver is received by KBF, your name will be highlighted with a Green Background

2022 KBF Tournament Schedule

All KBF Tournaments are POSTED with Eastern Time Zone TIME

Please adjust your arrival to correspond with the LOCAL ramp time

YTD Point Standings for Best of 4 Events Fished click here

Event #DivisionDateLakeRampTimeResults
1Cent River10/24Ohio RiverPoint Park7:45/3:45Results
2Sou Central11/13CumberlandConley Btm7:00/3PM Results
3 Sou Central 12/11 Cumberland Conley Btm 7:00/3PM Results
4 Sou Central 1/15 Cumberland Conley Btm 7:00/3PM Results
5 Sou Central 2/12 Cumberland Conley Btm 7:00/3PM Results
6 Results
7 Results
8 Results
9 Results
10 Results
11 Results
12 Results
13 Results
14 Results
15 Results
16 Results
17 Results
18 Results
19 Results
20 Results
21 Results
22 Results
23 Results
24 Results
25 Results
26 Results
27 Results
28 Results
29 Results
30 Results

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