2022 KBF Tournament Schedule

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2022 KBF Tournament Schedule

1Cent Riv10/24/21Ohio RivPt ParkSAT7:45-3:45results
2Sou Cent11/13/21CumberlandConley BtmSAT7-3 ESTresults
3Sou Cent2/12/22CumberlandHalcomb’sSAT7-3 ESTresults
4Sou Cent3/19/22CumberlandHalcomb’sSAT7-3 ESTresults
5Cent3/20/22BarrenPort OliverSUN6:30-3:30 CSTresults
6Sou Cent3/26/22CumberlandConley BtmSAT7-3 ESTresults
7Western?/??/22Ky LakeKenLake SPSAT7-3 CSTresults
8Two Lakes5/1/22TaylorsvillePossum RidgeSUN6:30-2:30 ESTresults
9Sou Cent4/2/22CumberlandConley BtmSAT7-3 ESTresults
10Central4/3/22Green RiverLone ValleySAT6:30-3:30 ESTresults
11Two Lakes4/10/22Guist CreekMarina rampSUN6:30-2:30 ESTresults
12Tues Wkdy4/12/22Green River Marina rampTUES6:30-3:00 ESTresults
13Cent River4/23/22Ohio RiverCraigs CreekSAT6:30-2:30 ESTresults
14Western4/23/22Rough RiverSt Park rampSAT6-2 CSTresults
15Northern4/24/22Ohio RiverGunpowderSUN6:30-3:00 ESTResults
16Sou Cent4/30/22CumberlandConley BtmSAT7-3 ESTResults
17Eastern5/1/22Grayson LakeMain rampSUN6:30-2:30 ESTResults
18TuesWkdy5/3/22Barren RiverPort OliverTUES6-3 CSTresults
19Central5/8/22Green RiverLone ValleySUN6-3 ESTresults
20Sou Central5/14/22CumberlandConley BtmSAT7-3 ESTresults
21Western 5/21/22Lake BarkleyKuttawaSAT6-2 CSTResults
22Eastern5/22/22Cave RunAlfrey rampSUN6-3 ESTResults
23Two Lakes5/22/22Taylorsville LakePossum RidgeSUN6:30-2:30 ESTResults
24Northern5/22/22Ohio RiverGunpowderSUN6-3 ESTResults
25Tues Wkdy5/24/22Green RiverRamp 1TUES5:30-2:30 CSTresults
26Sou Cent6/4/22CumberlandConley BottomSAT7-3 ESTresults
27Cent River6/4/22Ohio RiverPt ParkSAT5-2:30 CSTresults
28Western6/11/22Lake BarkleyKuttawaSAT6-2 CSTresults
29Central6/12/22Barren RiverPort OliverSunday5-2:30 CSTresults
30Eastern6/12/22Ohio RiverGreenup rampSUN6-3 ESTresults
31Two Lakes6/12/22Guist CreekMarina rampSUN6:30-2:30 ESTresults
32Tues Wkdy6/14/22Barren RiverPort OliverTUES6:30-3:30 CSTresults
33Northern6/26/22Ohio RiverAugustaSUN6-3 ESTresults
34Eastern7/10/22Cave RunAlfrey rampSunday6-3 ESTresults
35Cent River7/16/22Ohio RiverCraigs CreekSAT6:30-2:30 ESTresults
36Northern7/31/22Ohio RiverBig BoneSUN6:30-3 ESTresults
37Cent River8/6/22Ohio RiverCraigsSAT6:30-2:30 ESTresults
Kentucky Bass Federation 2022 State Championship
Lake Cumberland  Conley Bottom
Registration: Steubenville Baptist Church
222 The Kings Highway Monticello, KY 42633
2022 Registration: Friday August 19th 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM
Sat August 20th: 6:30 am – 3:30 PM   Sun August 21st: 6:30 – 2:30
Saturday Boat Pairing Sunday Boat Pairing
Day 1 Results *** Day 2 Results *** Total Results

Day 1 Big Bass **** Day 2 Big Bass
TBF District 03KY-TN 2022 Semi Finals              
                Tournament Director:  Donnie Keeton * 859-760-5433
Fact Sheet for D-03 KY/TN NSF click here
Lake Cumberland Halcomb’s Landing @Wolf Creek Dam
Registration Friday 10/14 4:00 PM – 6:30 PM
Tournament days
Saturday 10/15 – 7am -3 pm                                      Sunday 10/16 – 7am – 3pm

Day 1 Results ** 2 Day Final Results ** State Top 4 Results

Day 1 Big Bass ****************** Day2 Big Bass
D-03 KY/TN Semi Finals Payout Chart

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