Attention Anglers in Kentucky

Ladies & Gentlemen,

The Kentucky Bass Federation would like to extend an Invitation to all Angler in Kentucky to join the KBF and save $$$ on memberships.

Recently you will notice that FLW had to increase their fee for Memberhship Dues to the amount of $75.00

We would like to extend this invitation to all Ky residents that may be interested in fishing any FLW events. We can offer you a Membership that includes your TBF National Dues and FLW competitor Dues for the amount of $50.00 creating a Savings of $25.00. You still would be required to join the State Federation of which the State Dues are $16.00, this would still leave you with a savings of $9.00.

In addition, this method would keep you eligible to compete at any/all FLW events that you would so choose, in addition you can also compete in any or all of the KBF sanctioned events, qualifying you to advanced to the KBF State Tournament and move on to the TBF National Semi Finals where you could advance onto the TBF National Championship and compete for the Living the Dream package.

This offer makes it possible for you to join the KBF, TBF, & FLW for only $66.00 (For the amount of $66.00 you get your KBF dues $16, TBF dues $50 and you receive an FLW competitor Membership at no charge.)

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Several Clubs in Kentucky would be glad to have you as a member of the Federation, if any club does not meet your likes, you are eligible to join the KBF Statewide Bass Club. (Each individual club have their own set amount of dues.)

For detailed information , visit the KBF website and on the homepage click on About, then click on the dropdown for Directors. Contact any of the listed directors for further information.

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