Attention Club Presidents & Club Admins

Several of you are now working on updating your membership Rosters to send in to the KBF & TBF.

This is a great time for all Club Admins to update the phone numbers and email addresses for members of your club.

We have spent the past couple days reviewing the membership list for all KBF Clubs and sadly we  must report to each Club in the State that numerous members have incorrect or NONE at ALL Cell Phone numbers and EMAIL ADDRESSES.

Your Club members are missing out on receiving valuable information simply because we do not have correct information.   Please review your membership list and enter the correct information.

KBF Admin

PS: in just a few weeks, KBF will be sending 2 Boaters & 2 Co Anglers to the Federation National Championship.  Of the 4 we have had numerous calls wanting to know when TBF will be sending out the Packets for this event.   Again SAD to say, of the 4 Contenders representing KY, only 1 is a MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING with his/her Membership.  How would we feel if TBF held back the Packets until Members were Paid up on their part?

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