Fishing License Expemption for Guests on Private Pond

Fishing License Exemption for Guests of Owners of Private Ponds

A request has been made by Addia Wuchner (R-Florence) and Marie Racer (R-McKee) to amend the statute requiring licenses to fish private ponds by all but the land owner, his family and Tennant’s. The proposal would allow guests to also fish without a license. It is seen as a support of private land owner’s rights.

BR 257 now is in the TOURISM AND RECREATION COMMITTEE of the legislature. The committee is chaired by Tommy Turner (R- Somerset).

11% of the current license sales is to anglers that only fish private ponds. Revenues will drop by about $1.1 million. To maintain the current fisheries program would require a 67% increase in license cost to those still purchasing license. In Kentucky, anglers and hunters pay the full price of operating the programs with no funds from taxes or general funds.

Though currently proposed to only exemption fishing, it could easily mushroom into hunting which would tank the entire Fish and Wildlife department.

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Attached are the introduction by the sponsors, talking points, and the actual proposed revision to the statute.    Click here

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