How to obtain a FLW Membership

Attention ALL Club Presidents,

Club Secretaries,

Club Roster Management Admins.

KBF Members.

Lately our phones have been ringing off the wall over FLW memberships.

ALL Federation Members are required to update their FLW memberships thru their respective Clubs in the Kentucky Bass Federation.

The Bass Federation, Inc.  (TBF) ‘s partnership with FLW Outdoors is based solely on Memberships. Therefore, all Federation members are required to update their FLW membership thru their Mother Club in the State of Kentucky.

KBF cannot submit roster updates to TBF with a partial payment.  Every Roster submitted to TBF MUST be accompanied with $50 for each member on this Invoice.  $15.00 for TBF National Dues & $35.00 FLW membersip Dues.

At this time each year, the KBF Office is flooded with phone calls from members that need to update their FLW memberships so they can get the early bird entries at BFL events.  Most of these persons are calling FLW and asking to purchase a membership, therefore they are sold a new membership, and shortly thereafter they see that they now have a 2nd membership number.

Please Read Slowly:   IF YOU ARE A Kentucky Bass Federation member you must renew your FLW Outdoors subscription thru your Club and State Federation.

The bottom line is the same ole story every year.  Clubs and Club Members look at the State Federation Qualifying Schedule and when the 1st events is not scheduled until mid March or early April, their thoughts are what the heck, I will just wait until a few days before the 1st event before I pay up.

Now I decide in November that I want to compete in some of the early scheduled BFL events around my area, and I simply go buy the FLW membership there and by pass the club and State.  Now when your Club and State is updating membership to the National Federation, you begin to yell I am already a FLW member.  Yes you are, BUT why did you not follow procedure in becoming a FLW member.

KBF By Laws requires all Clubs/Members to provide a new Roster update to their State Federation and in turn the State is required to provide the same update to the National Federation on/before December 31.   DEAR MEMBER… No excuse … your State Federation and the TBF National Federation is excepting roster updates beginning November 1st  of each year.

When you called FLW to buy or Renew your FLW membership, had you told them you were a Federation Member they would have told you the same thing you have just read in this Note.

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