KBF lands Denali Rods as New Rod Sponsor


Denali Rods wants to be the Kentucky TBF’s rod of choice and we would like to offer you the following sponsorship package for 2013.

TBF members would receive a 25% discount on all our rods.  For every 5 rods sold to your membership, Denali will kick in one free Jadewood  rod to be donated to the KBF for raffles, prizes, giveaway, state team  etc.

Members will be given a discount code exclusive to their organization to use when placing orders, which can be placed online at www.denalirods.com. Denali will be able to track the club’s sales with the given code. Regular shipping rates apply.

Members wishing to place a Order for new Rods, should contact President John Dixon or Sec/Treas Tom Whittington for the Discount Code before placing order.



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