KBF State Championship

Complete standings after the completion of 2 days of the KBF State Tournament have been calculated and posted on the Tournament section of the website.

check the chart for color coded description of whom will be invited to the Semi Final District # 3.

The top 8 Boaters qualified for the Boater division + the Top 4 Co Anglers from the Co Angler division.

The above 12 will be joined with the next 14 Co Anglers from the Co Angler List.

From the Boater List positions #1 thru # 29 will represent KBF at the Semi Finals as Boaters.

Boaters #30 thru #40 MUST move over and register as Co Anglers. (if you as a boater turn down your spot the next available person will be invited.

To view the complete results…………………… Click here

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