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2015 KBF State Team


      2015 State Team & Profile for Team Members

2015 KBF State Team  2

State Team Member Profile

Jerry Smith          Southern Divisional Status:   Boater

 Name: _Gerald (Jerry) Smith _________        Age: _68_    Hometown:  Louisville, KY            

Occupation:  __Retired Teacher_______         KBF:  Youth Director

Family: _wife-Sharon, sons-Chad & Nate, grandkids-Kayleigh & Chase_

Favorite Body of Water: __Barren River Lake__    Favorite Technique: __Shallow Water & Flippin_

State Team:  (list years on Team)  8 times _1996,1998,1999,2000,2003,2005,2009,2015                                                                                     Federation National Championship    2001   

Federation Member since: ___1995____    Club:  _Port Oliver Bass Club 

Barry Ward      Southern Divisional Status:   Non-Boater

Name: _Barry Ward____   Age: _47_     Hometown:  Louisville, KY 

Occupation:  _Service Tech__    KBF:  Federation Member

Family: __Wife Christine, son Tate, and daughter Macy_

Favorite Body of Water: _Ohio River_  Favorite Technique: __Topwater_ 

State Team:  (list years on Team)  _2009, 2011, 2013, 2014, & 2015  

Federation Member since: ______Club:  _KBF Statewide Bass Club  

Steven Taylor         Southern Divisional Status:   Non Boater

Name: ___Steven Taylor___ Age: 55_  Hometown:  ___ Coxs Creek, KY

Occupation:  __Director of Sales___  KBF:  Divisional Director  & KBF Board Member

Family: Wife–Tracy, Daughter-Brandi, Son In Law-Chad, Grandsons-Jackson & Clay, Son-Alex_

Favorite Body of Water:  Rough River Lake___ Favorite Technique: __Top Water, Big Jig__

State Team:  (list years on Team_1996, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011_

Federation Member since:  _1992__   Club:  _KBF  Statewide Bass Club__

Brian Hickey        Southern Divisional Status:    Non Boater

Name:  _Brian L. Hickey_     Age: _46__     Hometown:  ___Cadiz, Ky_

Occupation:  Vice President – Operations_KBF: Divisional Director & Board Member

 Family: ___Wife: Margaret  Son: Kaden_

Favorite Body of Water: _Kentucky Lake     

Favorite Technique: _Ledge Fishing__

State Team:  (list years on Team) 6  2003, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015                                                               

TBF National Championship:  __2013 Angler,  2014 Angler, 2015 Angler___

Federation Member since:    1994_    Club:  _Fish Hedz Bass Club__  

Mike Williams      Southern Divisional Status:  1st Alternate

Name: _Mike Williams    Age:    _46_    Hometown:  _Lancaster, KY__

Occupation:  _President/CEO_           KBF:   Federation Member 

 Family: _Wife – Melanie,    Daughters – Michaela, Ashley_

Favorite Body of Water:  Kentucky Lake       Favorite Technique: _Ledge Fishing

State Team:  (list years on Team)   1st time   __2015__

Federation Member since:    _2010__      Club:  _KBF Statewide Bass Club_

Tim Tester       Southern Divisional Status:   Non Boater

Name: ___Michael Tester      Age: __57    Hometown:  Lexington, KY  

Occupation:  _Operations Manager

Family: __wife- Debbie,   son, daughter,  2 grandchildren

Favorite Body of Water: __Barren River Lake       Favorite Technique: _Shaky Head

State Team:  (list years on Team) _2 times  2010, 2015

Federation Member since: _1999       Club:  KBF Statewide Bass Club

John Romans     Southern Divisional Status:  Alternate # 3

Name: _John Romans  Age: _66   Hometown:  _209 Park Avenue, Carrollton, KY_

Occupation:  ___Retired__

Family: ____wife Diana, son Christian & DIL   Amy

Favorite Body of Water: _Ohio River_ Favorite Technique: Flip, cast, pitch_

State Team:  (list years on Team) __16_

Federation Member since: __1994__KBF Conservation Director

Club:  ___Three Rivers Bass club, Carrollton__

Rusty Willhoite        Southern Divisional Status:  __Boater__

Name: __Rusty Willhoite__   Age: __44_  Hometown:  ___Frankfort, KY_

Occupation:  __Engineering and Technology Teacher – Owen County High____

Family: __One Daughter – Kelsey (She loves to fish) __

Favorite Body of Water: ___Ohio and Kentucky river     Favorite Technique: __Flipping and pitching__

State Team:  (list years on Team) __first time__2015_    Federation Member since: __2000__


David Taylor     Southern Divisional Status:  Boater

Name:     David Taylor     Age: __56_  Hometown:  _Louisville KY_

Occupation: _construction superintendent_

Family: _Wife Pam, Son Nick, Daughters Amber and Amanda_

Favorite Body of Water: ___Barkley_      Favorite Technique: __Jig fishing any style

State Team:  (list years on Team) 2000, 2006, 2007, 2013, 2015                                                                  

TBF National Champ ship 2007

Federation Member since: __1996   Club:  __Fish Hedz Bass Club_   

Chad Rice          Southern Divisional Status:  Boater

Name: ___Kenneth (Chad) Rice___ Age: 38_ Hometown: _Grayson, KY

Occupation: __Maint. Supervisor at Marathon Petroleum___

KBF: Divisional Director & KBF Board Member

Family: Wife–Heather, Daughter-Laney (5), Sons-Logan (7) & Levi (5)_

Favorite Body of Water: Kentucky Lake___

Favorite Technique: __Flippin’/Pitchin__

State Team: (list years on Team) _ 2006, 2012, 2014 & 2015

TBF National Contender in 2015_

Federation Member since: _1996__ Club: _KBF Statewide Bass Club__

Timothy Frohlich State Team 2015Southern Divisional Status:  Non Boater

Name: __Timothy Frohlich Jr._ Age: __27_ Hometown:  __Florence, KY_

Occupation:  _Operations Manager____

Family: ___Fiance- Brittany, 3 Sons- Logan, Austin, Finley________

Favorite Body of Water: __Lake Cumberland_

Favorite Technique: __Pitching___

State Team:  (list years on Team) ____1st time – 2015_

Federation Member since: ___2011__  Club:  ____Team Buckeye____

Tim Hennemann      Southern Divisional Status:  Boater 

Name: _Tim Hennemann_ Age: _47Hometown:  _Florence Ky__

Occupation:  ____Retail Fishing Tackle sales__

Family: ______wife Lori__

Favorite Body of Water: _Green and Barren River Lakes _   

Favorite Technique: _flippin &_pitchin _

State Team:  (list years on Team) _____2008 & 2015_

Federation Member since: __2001_Club:  __KBF Statewide Bass Club___


Name: Wes Cole

Name:  Dillon Rager

Name:  John Dixon

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