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KBF Member Benefits

Membership Benefits…

Bass fishing in Kentucky is great ! Joining the Kentucky Bass Federation, Inc will improve your angling skills and you and your club will receive the following benefits.

1. FLW Magazine (with paid subscription)

2. TBF Premium Memberships.  Platinum, Gold, Silver or Standard. Receive discounted prices via different levels of membership. (Visit   for further details.

3. $1,000,000 club liability insurance policy.

4. $9000.00 accidental death policy, per member. In effect during any Club/State function.

5. Organized voice across the state on the political issues that concern us all as fishermen.

6. Eligibility to host the TBF Youth Event competitions. With all materials furnished free of charge. Help is just a phone call away.

7. Statewide contacts for fishing information and lots of new friendships.

8. Tried and proven tournament and club guidelines to follow.

9.  Eligibility to compete in all KBF Divisional  tournaments to advance to the KBF State Tournament

10. To Qualify for the KBF State Tournament you must compete at a total of 4 events to Qualify

11. At the KBF State Tournament you have the opportunity to Advance to the TBF District 3 National Semi Final Championship.

12. State Federation members attending the District 3 Semi Final will be eligible to earn a berth to advance to the TBF National Championship.  At the Semi Final event the Top Angler and Top Co Angler from each attending State will advance to the Nationals.  Each state can earn additional spots for advancement of members that meet criteria that is defined in #13 below.

13. Should the 1st Place Co Angler at this event have a Higher Total winning weight than the 1st Place winner in the Boater division, he/she has the option of remaining as a Co Angler or changing to a Boater and also advancing to the Nationals. This applies to the Co Angler from either or both States. He/she does not replace the winning Boater, He/she will also be a 2nd boater attending the Nationals. This will allow that state to also advance an additional Co Angler.

13a.  TBF State Federations:  1  Boater & 1 Co Angler advances to the Nationals that has a minimum of 12 members for each State. 1 additional Angler/Co Angler advances for each 40 boats per State milestone reached by a state!  (40, 80, 120, etc).

KBF Clubs in good Standing:  (Clubs that meet the State Requirements) can advance top boater & top Co Angler from Club with 1-19 members to the NSF, 2 boaters & 2 Co’s for 20 – 29 members, 3 boaters & 3 Co’s for 30 – 39 members, and etc.

14. At the National Championship , the 1st Place Angler & 1st Place Co Angler from the Southern Division state’s will advance to the FLW All American to represent the Southern Division.

15. The 1st Place Angler & 1st Place Co Angler at the National Championship in addition to advancing on to the FLW All American will also be crowned as the TBF Living the Dream anglers and receive the LTD package.   (to be announced)

Membership Fees.

Clubs in Kentucky have their own set amount of Club Dues.  These dues are not regulated by KBF nor TBF.

KBF State Dues:                October 1 thru September 30  are $15 per member 

TBF National dues:           $15 per member

FLW Membership             $35 per member

Membership to Kentucky Bass Federation requires that each member be a member in good standing by paying the required State Dues, National Dues, and FLW Membership Fees.

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