New Officers soon to take Office in KY

As the time draws near (which is now) for clubs to begin sending in their new Rosters for 2013 the incoming Officers wanted to announce the new address for all materials to be mailed to KBF.

The new address is:

KY Bass Federation, Inc.

PO Box 1718

Glasgow, Kentucky 42142-1718

At this time the members of the KBF would like to extend a big and hearty Thank You to the outgoing President.  Donnie Cato, Thank you for your time and dedication while serving as President of KBF. 

Also we would like to extend the same big and hearty Thank You to our outgoing Secretary/Treasurer.  Gerald Smith, Thank you for your time served as Sec/Treas of KBF.

As KBF prepares to begin 2013, we would like to Welcome John Dixon to the Office of KBF President and Welcome to Tom Whittington as the new KBF Sec/Treas.    These two gentlemen have agreed to step forward as the year draws to a close and commence getting their feet wet and preparing themselves for the task of each respective Office.   Gentlemen, please keep in mind that a wealth of knowledge and guidance is only a phone call away from all the Past Officers and Board Members.       

“Welcome Aboard Gentlemen”

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