President’s Message – December 2011

Kentucky Bass Federation
PO Box 599
Manitou, KY 42436


The Board of directors met at the State Championship tournament and decided to make some changes to the KBF adult tournament format for the 2012 season.

Changes have been made in an attempt to make it easier and more fisherman friendly to our members. With the rising cost of living, expenses with traveling and lodging, we felt that we are not meeting the needs of all our members by giving everyone that wants the opportunity to fish to be able to do so without creating a financial hardship.

With that being said please lend us your patience as with any big change there will be bugs that we will have to work out along the way.

The new format will allow members to stay within their region and compete for the opportunity to advance to the State Championship tournament, or they can travel to other regions.

Each Region (1, 2, 3, and 4) will hold four divisional tournaments.

  1. From each tournament the 1st and 2nd place finishers will get an automatic bid to the State Championship.
  2. There will no longer be a wildcard; anyone who competes in four tournaments (in any one region or combination of regions) will automatically advance to the State Championship tournament.
  3. The entry fees for both angler and co-angler has been reduced to Angler $75.00 and Co-Angler $50.00. This is a reduction of $100 for the angler and $80 for the co angler over 4 tournaments.
  4. Registration for any of the tournaments will be at the ramp the morning of the tournament. There will no longer be a late fee.
  5. Boat numbers will be assigned on a first come basis for both anglers and co anglers the morning of the tournament as you register.
  6. 40% of the entry fees collected will be paid out at the tournament. Number of places paid out will depend on number of participants. The remaining percentage will be used to cover administrative costs (25%) and for the state team (35%).
  7. The National contenders and the State Champions from the previous year will receive and automatic bid to the state championship if they have entered in at least 2 tournaments for the year.
  8. The directors from each region will determine their tournament dates and locations. So contact your director and let them know when and where you would like to fish.
  9. A date for the state championship will be announced with the tournament schedule. The location of the tournament will be selected at the end of all the qualifiers. The region with the highest participating membership will have the option of choosing the state tournament location. If you want the option of choosing the state championship, get your members to come fish!

As I have said, there are several things that are in the process of change. Your cooperation, understanding and input will be greatly appreciated. It is our intentions to make it easier, more convenient and meet the needs of our members.

Thank you,


Donnie Cato, President

Kentucky Bass Federation

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