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Revised 2020 KBF Adult Schedule

All events from 3/21/2020 thru 5/31/2020 were cancelled due to the Convid-19

Due to the Covid-19 events # 2 thru # 18 for a total of 17 Events cancelled during the NO FISHING TOURNAMENTS ALLOWED Period. Reopened on June 1, 2020

Latest Results have been POSTED when ROW turns to Red in color

Point Standings for Best of 3 after 17 Events Point Standings

1 Cent3/8/2020BarrenPort OliverSUN6*3Results
19 Tues Wkdy6/2/2020BarrenNarrowsTues6:30-2Results
20 Cent River6/6/2020Ohio RiverCraigs CrkSAT6*2:30Results
21 Sou Central6/6/2020CumberlandHalcombs LandingSat6*2 ESTResults
22 East6/7/2020Cave RunAlfreySUN6*3Results
23 Two Lakes6/7/2020TaylorsvilleOppossum RidgeSUN6:30-2Results
24 Sou Central6/13/2020CumberlandHalcombs Landing Sat6*2 ESTResults
25 East6/14/2020Ohio RiverLittle SandySUN6*3Results
26 Two Lakes6/14/2020TaylorsvilleOppossum RidgeSUN6:30-2Results
27 Tues Wkdy6/16/2020GreenGRMTues6:30-2Results
28 Cent6/20/2020BarrenPort OliverSUN5:30-2:30Results
29 West KY6/20/2020Ky LakeKenLake SPSAT6*2Results
30 Cent6/21/2020BarrenPort OliverSUN5:30-2:30Results
31 Tues Wkdy6/23/2020GreenGreen River Tues6:30-2Results
32 Sou Central6/27/2020CumberlandHalcombs LandingSat6*2 ESTResults
33 North6/28/2020Ohio RiverBig BoneSUN6*3Results
34 Two Lakes6/28/2020Guist CreekMarina rampSun6:30-2Results
35 Cent River7/11/2020Ohio RiverPt ParkSAT6*2Results
36 East7/12/2020Ohio RiverLittle SandySUN6*3Results
37 North7/12/2020Ohio RiverBig BoneSUN6*3Results
38 West KY7/18/2020BarkleyBarkley St ParkSat6*2Results
39 North7/26/2020Ohio RiverBig BoneSUN6*3Results
40 Cent River8/1/2020Ohio RiverCraigs CrkSAT6*2Results
41 West KY8/8/2020BarkleyKuttawaSAT6*2Results
St Tour8/29/2019GreenRamp 1SAT6*3d1 results
St Tour8/30/2019GreenRamp 1SUN6*3d2 results
St Tour8/30/2019GreenRamp 1Sun6*32 day total
NSF D310/17/2019GreenRamp 1SAT6*3d1 results
NSF D310/18/2019GreenRamp 1SUN6*3d2 results
NSF D310/18/2019GreenRamp 1SUN6*32 day total
Mike SullivanCent
John CooperSou
Jeff RicheyTues
Eugene PuckettTwo
Paul LackeyWest 

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