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Jr. Anglers

One of the oldest and most productive programs that The Bass Federation has ever had is the TBF Junior Angler Program.

In this program young anglers in the 8th Grade & Under are members of an active junior fishing club that are sponsored by TBF adult Bass Clubs.  If you are interested in starting your own club, you only need 6 members to do so. Contact the State Youth Director, for more information.

These junior anglers fish in club and state tournaments and participate in fundraising and conservation projects just like the adults do. All Youth events are Team Events and require 2 Team Members and a Boat Captain.  At All events there MUST be 2 Jr Members and the Boat Captain in the Boat at all Times.

The competitive branch of this program allows the anglers to qualify for their states Junior State Championship and eventually qualify for the TBF Junior World Championship.

New Program Format for 2020:  KBF Youth Membership All Youth 8th Grade & Under: ( But not 16 on or before August 31, 2020 )

New Team format for 2019. All KBF Youth will be fishing as a Team with a Boat Captain fishing out of their own boats at all events including the TBF Junior World Championship. Youth Teams are required to fish in at least 2 qualifiers or more to be invited to the KBF Youth State Tournament. Also any Youth Team that wins a single Event will be eligible to advance to the State Tournament.

A $15 per person entry per event is required. 1st place plaques will be awarded to Youth Teams at each event. The winning Team at the KBF Youth Championship will advance to the TBF Junior World Championship representing Kentucky.

* KBF Youth Team Angler Of The Year for 8th Grade & Under:

For 2019 the Youth will have 4 Divisions:

Division 1 will be 2 events for the Etown Division

Division 2 will be 2 events for the Central Division

Division 3 will be 2 events for the South Central Division

Division 4 will be 2 events for the Ohio Rvr/ 2 Lakes Division

The top Team (in points) in each Division will compete for KBF Youth Team Angler Of The Year at the KBF Youth State Tournament. A Team may fish as many tournaments as they want but can only qualify in one Division for KBF Youth Team Angler Of The Year. If a Team has the highest point total in more than one Division only their highest points total Division will carry them into the KBF Youth State Tournament and use those points along with the two day totals at the KBF Youth State Tournament for KBF Youth Team Angler Of The Year. The second place Team in points in any Division that the Team with multiple Division highest point totals but didn’t use will become the Team to represent that Division at the KBF Youth State Tournament and will use their points along with the two days totals at the KBF Youth Tournament fishing for KBF Youth Team Angler Of The Year..

 Any Questions contact the KBF Youth Director:

Rick Kempton  (606-307-7401)

Steve Wilmoth (270-307-3525)

2019 High School Team SAF Program

Any High School age child in grade 9th thru 12th  and some 7th or 8th graders that has interest in the High School Team Tournament Trail should visit the SAF High School Program.  click here

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