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Jr. Anglers

One of the oldest and most productive programs that The Bass Federation has ever had is the TBF Junior Angler Program.

In this program young anglers up to 15 years of age are members of an active junior fishing clubs that are sponsored by TBF adult Bass Clubs.  If you are interested in starting your own club, you only need 6 members to do so. Contact the State Youth Director, for more information.

These junior anglers fish in club and state tournaments and participate in fundraising and conservation projects just like the adults do.

The competitive branch of this program allows the anglers to qualify for their states Junior State Championship and eventually qualify for the TBF Junior World Championship.

New Program Format for 2018:  KBF Youth Membership All Youth up to 15 years old: ( But not 16 on or before August 31, 2019 )

New Team format for 2018. All KBF Youth will be fishing as a Team with a Boat Captain fishing out of there own boats at all events including the TBF Junior World Championship. Youth Teams are required to fish in at least 2 qualifiers to be invited to the KBF Youth State Championship. A $10 per person entry per event is required. 1st place plaques will be awarded to Youth Teams at each event. The winning Team at the KBF Youth Championship will advance to the TBF Junior World Championship representing Kentucky.

* KBF Youth Team Angler Of The Year up to 15 years old:
The top Team (in points) in each Division will compete for KBF Youth Team Angler Of The Year at the KBF Youth State Tournament. A Team may fish as many tournaments as they want but can only qualify in one Division for KBF Youth Team Angler Of The Year. If a Team has the highest point total in more than one Division only their highest points total Division will carry them into the KBF Youth State Championship and use those points along with the two day totals at the KBF Youth State Championship for KBF Youth Team Angler Of The Year. The second place Team in points in any Division that the Team with multiple Division highest point totals but didnt use will become the Team to represent that Division at the KBF Youth State Championship and will use their points along with the two days totals at the KBF Youth Championship fishing for KBF Youth Team Angler Of The Year..

2018 High School SAF Program

All High School Bass Teams:

Youth – SAF Team Members: All SAF Teams are invited to fish at any of the youth qualifiers as a SAF Team Open Tournament. You will only be fishing against the other SAF Teams at that SAF Team Open Tournament. If your Team fishes in at least 2 qualifiers you will be eligible to fish in the KBF SAF State Championship as a SAF Team. The winning SAF Team at the KBF SAF State Championship will get free KBF Adult Memberships for the following year as individual Co-Anglers and Free Entry into the following years KBF Adult State Championship (If you are 16 years of age). No other membership dues are required to fish in these SAF Team Opens to compete. A $10 per person entry is all that is required. 1st place plaques will be awarded to the SAF Team at each event. (SAF memberships are through the TBF directly not the KBF)

The guidelines to participate are very simple:

1. All those that participate must be SAF (Student Angler Federation) members in good standing. That means both anglers in the boat MUST be members.

2. Must be in the 7th grade to Senior in high school.  Graduating seniors that have not enrolled in college and taking college courses are eligible to fish.

3. Since you have already paid SAF dues for high school, there is no other membership that has to be purchased. The Team and Boat Captain just shows up, registers and goes fishing.

4. There will be a $10.00 per angler entry fee.  2 anglers for a total of $20.00.

5. There will be 2 plaques for first place and 2 plaques for second and any money left over will be applied to State Championship.

6. In order to qualify for the State Championship, your team would have fish in any two qualifier tournaments.

7. Guidelines for participants and membership are under SAF guidelines.

8. Tournament rules and guidelines will be the same as the Kentucky Bass Federation youth program.

9. Tournament rules will be handed out the morning of the tournament or a short meeting will be held before take off.

 Any Questions contact the KBF Youth Director:

Rick Kempton; for email Click here (606-307-7401)

Reel Kids

The Bass Federation and its member states have implemented a casting skills accuracy challenge for young anglers across the country!

“The Reel Kids Program” is in many cases the first opportunity that many kids have to be introduced to the great sport of fishing. At events like sport and outdoor shows across the country and in many schools these programs are giving kids the chance to experience what it is really like to handle a fishing rod and reel. They test their skills in the art of Casting, Flipping, and Pitching a plastic jig to a very colorful target.

This program is organized and operated at the state level only. By a vote of the Federation Presidents each state decides at what level they wish to advance the program. Many states advance kids from individual events to a State Championship while others choose only to run the event at the local level and put more emphasis on just getting as many kids as possible involved!

Regardless of what level each state chooses, this program consistently achieves its goal of exposing kids from 8 to 15 years of age to the great sport of fishing!!

If you’re interested in bringing one of these events to your area please contact the Kentucky Bass Federation President or Youth Director.

Student Angler Federation (SAF) – In School Fishing Program

This program utilizes a high action DVD with some outstanding underwater footage to get students excited about fishing. Educators like this program because it highlights how the basic elements of education, math, science and language arts, are used by anglers out on the water every day. We also show some of the ever increasing career opportunities being created through the sport of fishing.

The great thing about this portion of the program is that it is absolutely free to any school or youth group that wants to participate.

Our end result is that we want to encourage students to form a school fishing club so they can experience this sport first hand.

For more information,  visit

For further explanation of the High School SAF program.  High School kids joining the SAF program need to understand as lots of kids are misunderstanding the concept of the program.  When becoming a SAF member, you are paying a $25.00 Program Fee.  This fee covers the cost of the entire program that TBF has developed. Insurance requirements indicate that a SAF member needs to hold a membership card.  Therefore, Free of Charge, TBF is presenting each SAF member with a FREE membership for TBF & FLW. This Program Fee is then used to fund all  the High School State Championships and the High School World Finals.  When a High Schooler decides that He/She wishes to join a regular Club in their State Federation, at this time they are then required to pay for the required State, National, & FLW Memberships. 

Association of Collegiate Anglers (ACA)

It just takes 6 members of your college student body to form a club and fish at the collegiate level! There are hundreds of clubs across the country already. Contact us to see if you can join one, or start one! Visit the ACA tournament series site.

For any information regarding youth activities within your state, please contact your state’s youth director – listed at the top of this page.

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