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2021 KBF Youth Schedule

New Revisions for the Youth Program.

Age limit of 8th grade for upper limit of the Junior Program JWC participants. Can not have started 9th grade to qualify.

States will advance 10% of participation to the JWC. Sanctioned trails IF TBF agrees to sanction one will advance 5% of participation to the JWC to protect the state programs. Minimum # of Juniors per ANY junior program (including state federations) must be 6 to advance a team.

9/19/2020NolinWax ramp6AM-2PMResults
10/10/2020GreenState Park7AM-3PMResults
10/24/2020CumberlandConley Btm7AM-3PMResults
11/14/2020BarrenPort Oliver6AM-2PMResults
3/27/2021CumberlandHalcombs Landing7AM-3PMResults
4/17/2021BarrenPort Oliver7AM-3PMResults
4/17/2021Cave RunClay Lick7AM-3PMResults
5/1/2021Green Riverramp 17AM-3PMResults
5/8/2021Yatesvillemain Marina7AM-3PMResults
5/22/2021NolinWax ramp7AM-3PMResults
6/5/2021ST Tour d1Cumberland7AM-3PMResults
6/6/2021ST Tour d2Conley Btm7AM-3PMResults

Youth Director: Ricky Kempton: 606-307-7401

Assistant Youth Dirctor: Steve Wilmoth 270-307-3525

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