1999 – 1996 State Teams

1999 State Team

KBF State Team 1999

Kneeling: John Lacefield,  Rusty Smith, Joe Villines, Ricky Craft, Ken Davis, Jerry Smith, Mark Manley

Standing: Larry Smither/Sec-Treas, Gary Pearl, Larry Dean, Scott Jones, Ben Bray, Doug Caskey, Paul Lewis, Donnie Keeton/VP

Doug Caskey advanced on to the 2000 Federation Championship at



1998 State Team

picture needed

Troy Bickers, Roy Claxon Jr, Greg Dowdy, Gary Fint, Ted Grigsby, Jamie Kinkade, Todd Leatherman, Paul Lewis

Mark Manley, Jerry Smith, Donnie Tomlinson, Charlie Waugh, Lafe Masters, Scott King/Pres

Roy Claxon Jr advanced to the 1999 Federation National Championship at

Red River at Shreveport, LA



1997 State Team

Team picture needed

Team Members:  Bobby Styers Jr,   searching for names of additional ’97 State Team

Bobby Styers, Jr advanced to the 1998 Federation National Championship at

Ft Loudin/Tellico in Knoxville TN


1996 State Team

KBF State Team 1996

Kneeling: Christian Romans, Steven Taylor, Bill Lowther, David Mercer, Jerry Smith, Charlie  “Paw Paw” Blanton

Standing:  Charlie Waugh, Mike MacDowell, Paul Lewis, Ted Schulte, Doug Caskey, Scott Wilson, Bobby Parker

Paul Lewis advanced on to the 1997 Federation National Championship at

Red River at Shreveport, LA

Paul finished in 10th Place at the FNC

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