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2021 East-Cent KY SAF High School Fishing Schedules

East KY SAF HS Point Standings click here

SAF High School Tournament Rules

The Canceled event for February has been rescheduled to Cave Run/Stony Cove on June 12, 2021

9/12/2020Cave RunStony Cove7 AM- 3 PMResults1
11/21/2020Green RiverRamp 17 AM- 3 PMResults2
12/19/2020CumberlandHalcomb’s 7 AM- 3 PMResults3
1/9/2021Laurel LakeGrove Marina8 AM- 4 PMResults4
6/12/2021RescheduledCave Run/StonyCove6 AM- 3 PMResults5
3/27/2021Cumberland Burnside7:15 AM- 3 PMResults6
4/17/2021Cave RunScott Creek7 AM- 3 PMResults7
4/24/2021KHSAA/E.KYStony CoveDual EventResults8
5/15/2021Cave Run
Stony Cove6 AM- 3 PMResults9
6/5/2021Ohio RiverCraigs Creek ramp6 AM- 3 PMResults10
6/13/2021 Top 10 Fishoff
for berth @ Nationals
Cave Run
Stony Cove ramp
3 PM – 9 PMResults final Top 10
East Division Directors

Steve Caudill 606-776-5398 Email:

Donnie Keeton 859-760-5433 Email:

SAF Central Div Point Standings click here

SAF Central High School Schedule

1 9/19/2020Nolin LakeWax ramp6 AM-2 PMResults
2 10/10/2020Green RiverSt Park7 AM-3 PMResults
3 10/24/2020CumberlandConley7 AM-3PMResults
4 11/14/2020BarrenPort Oliver6 AM-2 PMResults
5 3/27/2021CumberlandBurnside Island7 AM-3 PMResults
6 4/17/2021BarrenPort Oliver6 AM-2 PMResults
7 5/1/2021Green RiverRamp 17 AM-3 PMResults
8 5/22/2021Nolin LakeWax ramp6 AM-2 PMResults
6/5,6/6-2021State TourCumberland Conley 7 AM-3 PM

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