2012 State Team

Angler Brian Hickey & Co Angler Johnny Cooper advances on to the

2013 TBF National Championship at                

Grand Lake in Grove OK

2012 State Team Member Profiles

Scott Burns

Age: 56
Hometown : Nancy, Ky
Occupation #1: Worked for the US Postal Service for 17 years
Occupation #2: Department of Army Civilian
Family : Daughter (Rachel)
Favorite Body of Water : Green River Lake and Dale Hollow Lake
Favorite Technique : Crank Bait and Spinner Bait
State Team:  Member of KBF State Team on 2 different occasions.  2010 & 2012
Federation Member: Since 1998
Club:Lake Cumberland Bass Club

Brian Hickey
Age:  43
Hometown: Cadiz, KY
State Federation: Kentucky
Division:  Southern
Occupation:  VP Operations, Ebonite International
Family Members: Wife: Margaret  Son: Kaden
Fishing Strengths/Techniques:  Ledge/Offshore Fishing, Shallow Cranking
Favorite Body of Water to fish:  Barkley/Kentucky Lakes

Bryan Snyder
Age: 36 
Hometown:  Cincinnati, OH
State Federation:  Kentucky Bass Federation
Division:  Southern Division Occupation:  Urban Planner
Family Members:  Wife: Angela Snyder  Children: Karl (6), Kelley (3)
Fishing Strength/Technique: Jig, Spinnerbait
Favorite body of water to fish:  Barren River Lake
KBF State Team: 2005 and 2012
Federation Member Since: 2002


Michael Sullivan
Age: 51
Hometown: Warsaw, Ky
Occupation #1: Surveyor Assistant
Favorite Body of Water: Ohio River
Favorite Technique: Spinnerbaits
State Team: Member of KBF State Team on 2 different occasions. 2004, & 2012
Federation Member: Since 1993
Club: Gallatin Co Bass Club , Club President for the past 20 years


Johnny Cooper
Age: 49
Family: Andrea (wife), 5 children
Hometown: Monticello Ky
Occupation #1: Ky Department of Fish & Wildlife, Camp Earl Wallace
Occupation #2: Retired U.S. Navy Submarine Service
Favorite Body of Water: Barren River, Guntersville 
Favorite Technique: Worm, Jig
State Team: 1st time in 2012
Federation Member: Since 2001
Club: Lake Cumberland

Shane Nethery
Age: 38
Hometown: Bagdad, Ky
Occupation #1: sheetmetal union #110
Favorite Body of Water : Ky lake
Favorite Technique : cranking
State Team: 2nd time  2004 & 2012
Federation Member: Since 2002
Club: FishHedz Bass Club

Greg Hoskinson – ‘Hosko
Age : 44 
Hometown : Louisville
Occupation #1: Small business owner:  Signs Now  (KBF Sponsor)
Favorite Body of Water : Lake Barkley
Favorite Technique : Shallow water
State Team: 5 times, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, & 2012
Federation Member: Since 1987
KBF Regional Director:  Region 4
Club: Fish Hedz Bass Club…… Club President


 Jerry L Turner
Age: 56
Hometown: Patroit, Indiana
Occupation #1: Disabled
Favorite Body of Water: Green River Lake
Favorite Technique: Texas rigs
State Team: 4 times, 2002,2004,2011,& 2012
Federation Member: Since : 1998
Club: Gallatin Co Bass Club

Rex Crane
Age: 48 
Hometown: Logan W Va.
Occupation #1: Distribution Supervisor
Favorite Body of Water: Any River System
Favorite Technique: Flipping State Team: First Time on State Team
Federation Member: Since 1989
Club: Gallatin County Bass Club


Rob Jones
Age: 46
Stamping Ground, Kentucky 
Occupation:   I am an electrical contractor and have been in business since 1994. The name of my company is Rob Jones Electric, LLC.  I am married, for 11 years, and we have 5 kids. We have one in the Navy and one in the Marines, one working full time, one senior and one sophomore in high school
Favorite Body of Water:   Kentucky Lake. I did fish Lake Guerro in Mexico and would really like to go there again someday
Favorite Technique:   fish a jig on offshore structure
State Team:   This is the first time I have made the state team thru the federation
Federation Member:
 This is my first year fishing the Federation
KBF Statewide Bass Club and I am also a member of the Bluegrass Christian Bassmasters

Rodney Bridgman
Hometown : Monticello, Ky
Occupation #1: Retired… Army
Favorite Body of Water : Lake Cumberland & Ky Lake
Favorite Technique : Crankbaits
State Team: 2007 & 2012
Federation Member: Since 2002
Club: Lake Cumberland Bass Club
Kenny Davis
Age: 63 
Hometown:  Cincinnati, Ohio
State Federation: Kentucky Bass Federation
Division: Southern Division
Occupation: Painting Contractor
Favorite Technique: Spinnerbait
Favorite Body of Water: Kentucky/Barkley Lake
State Team: 1999, 2004, 2012
Federation Member Since: 1998


Rick Stringer
Hometown: Somerset, KY
Occupation #1: Maintenance Technician
Favorite Body of Water: Barren River Lake & Ky Lake
Favorite Technique: Shakey Head
State Team: 1st time as a State Team Member
Federation Member: 2002
Club: Cumberland Lake Bass Club


John Romans
Age : 63
Hometown : Carrollton, KY
Occupation #1: Retired/  “alias”  Vagrant
Favorite Body of Water : Ohio River
Favorite Technique : Chugging
State Team: 4 times as the 3rd alternate
Federation Member: Since 1995
Club: Three Rivers Bass Club  KBF Conservation Director since 1998

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