KY SAF Team Trail Do’s & Don’ts

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The newly revised KY SAF High School Trail has now set the Schedule for 2022 with 10 Events. Points will be kept for the year and based on YOUR Best of 5 Point Total. Near the end of year the Fishoff Location will be announced and 50% of Teams Competing during the year will Advance to the Final Fishoff for the Invitations to the National Championship using their Final Best of 5 Point Total.   Depending on NUMBER in SAF Invites the Top Places at the Fishoff will earn the Invitations to the SAF National Championship.

As some events are still going on until the end of the year, be careful that your membership doesn’t lapse as the 2022 events will start shortly after the 1st of the year. TBF starts renewing SAF membership starting in September.

All Teams will consist of 2 SAF Members and a Boat Captain and both Team Members MUST be ACTIVE SAF Members. At all times during all Events 2 Team Members and a Boat Captain MUST be in the Boat at all times during the day. IN any and all YOUTH events Federal Law Requires there be 3 persons in each boat during the Day’s Competition. NO EXCEPTIONS. The1st Event that YOU enter with a named Partner, constitutes a Named Team. During the Year each Named Team will be Permitted to use ONE Alternate and must be recorded with Tournament Officials. This named Alternate can fish a total of 2 events for that Team only. He/She can fish 2 times for Member 1 or can fish 1 time for Mem 1 & One time for Mem 2. Alternates will be allowed for the 2 Times ONLY. Use of the Alternate whom is allowed to fish and fish will count for that event and points will be earned for that event. Each Team will also be permitted to use an OBSERVER the exact same at the Alternate is used (2 times ONLY),HOWEVER, THE USE OF AN OBSERVER, he/she DOES NOT FISH DURING THE EVENT.

Teams that Earn an Invitation to the SAF National Championship shall receive Expense Money from the Trail’s Budget.  NO MONEY will be given any Team UNTIL  said Team has Officially Checked in at the HSFWF/SAF Nationals on the published Registration Date.

The following Rule APPLIES ONLY TO EVENTS THAT ARE CONDUCTED IN THE STATE OF KENTUCKY. At our events to help with funding for the Team Trail the 2 person Team pays a $30 entry for each event during the year and this money is set aside for expenses incurred for any Prizes at each event, mainly to help fund the expenses for Teams Traveling to the Nationals and Lodging expenses incurred on this trip. As an additional Fundraiser last year we permitted each Boat Captain for a token fee of $10 per Captain to be permitted to catch 1 fish ONLY. His/Her 1st fish that is a keeper fish, they will be allowed to keep that fish separate and after their Team weighs, the Captain can then weigh his/her fish. The Largest Captain’s Fish wins a FederationAngler Casting Rod. We would like to extend a big & hearty THANK YOU to all our Boat Captains for last year as at each event the majority of them entered and never picked up a Rod. The success of this Captain’s Pot greatly helped the Teams that traveled to the HWFWF/SAF National Championship.

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