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How to qualify for KBF Semi Finals

This section is copied from the KBF Tournament Rules. 


There are a total of 8 Divisions hosting 4 Tournaments per Division for a total of 36 Tournaments.

Methods to qualify for the State Championship, Angler of the Year,

& Divisional Winners are listed below.

Buying of the single Divisional Tournament must be done at least 5 days prior to the tournament date. The Tournament Director for that tournament must have your cash money in his hand to be included in the payouts or your buy in won’t count.

At all 36 Divisional Tournaments all KBF members who compete or use the Buy In Option and have a total of 4 or more events will qualify for the State Championship.

[The method for tracking the Buy In Option will be determined that any & all events bought, that Contestant will only receive 1 Point per Bought Event in order to be tracked in the Tournament Program].

Division 1st Place Winners Angler And Co-Angler: At the end of the year the overall 1st place winners for each Division in both the Angler and Co-Angler categories are determined by fishing any or all 4 tournaments within that Division and finishing with the most points accumulated by fish weights for that Division only. (A Tournament that is bought and not fished will ONLY be eligible for 1 point per buy in toward the Divisional 1st Place winners).

Angler and Co-Angler of the Year Tournament: This will be held in conjunction with the State Championship. There will be a total of 18 Anglers and 18 Co-Anglers eligible to fish this tournament. To qualify for this tournament the KBF takes the 1st place finisher in points from each of the 8 divisions in both the Angler and Co-Angler divisions.

Overall Points will be derived from using the Best 4 events fished from the place of finish of all events fished

In addition, the top 10 Anglers and Co-Anglers with the overall point totals for the year accumulated from all Divisions will also be eligible. The 10 Anglers and Co-anglers does not include the 1st place divisional Anglers and Co-Anglers winners already eligible.

You may fish as many of the 36 Divisional Tournaments available and acquire points from each one that will count towards your total points for the year,using the point total for the Best of 4 Events..

(Points from your Top 4 tournaments will be added together to get your best score)

(A Tournament that is bought and not fished will ONLY accumulate 1 point per buyin towards the top 18 eligible for Angler or Co-Angler of the year).

Methods to qualify for the TBF National Semi-Final

 Primary Method

The State at years end will total the number of Participants for the year for all events and 10% of that amount will be invited to attend the TBF District # 03 Semi Final.

 After the total 10% is determined. The total number of invitees will be split in half to equal Boaters & Co Anglers

We have to send an equal number of Boaters and Co-Anglers so depending on your Best of 4 Point Total some Boaters may have to go as Co-Anglers just like we had previously done with the State Team. The KBF will pay for the entry fee to the Semi Finals for only the Top Angler & Top Co Angler.



Every KBF Club that can send 1 Boater & 1 Co-Angler directly to the TBF National Semi-Finals and will be determined by the CLUB Admin’s for person making a Team to attend the Semi-Finals. Each Team will consist of 1 Boater & 1 Co-Angler. This Team when formed will agree to attend the Semi-Final Championship and both MUST arrive at the scheduled Registration & Rules Briefing. Should 1 Team members decide not to SHOW, he/she has simply knocked his/her partner out of the tournament. Once you have formed a Team, you must Attend. Teams shall be formed by the total of Club Membership. Clubs with 6 thru 19 members can send 1 Team to the Semi-Finals. Clubs with 20 members thru 29 can send 2 Teams to the Semi-Finals. Clubs can advance 1 additional TEAM for increase of 10 total Club members. Entry Fee for Boaters is $200.00 & Co Anglers $100.00 Entry Fee Must be paid directly to the Club Admin’s so all Teams Entry Fees are paid before the start of the KBF State Tournament. ONCE YOU ACCEPT THE POSITION AND PAY YOUR ENTRY FEE: NO ENTRY FEES WILL BE REFUNDED.

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