2023 KBF Tournament Schedule

Due to Time Constrants, you will notice that some Start Times & End Times have been shortened simply because column is not adjustable, Director can extend time at his/her Descretion.

2023 KBF Adult Waiver, please fill out completely and turn in to Director at your 1st event, or email to donnie@bassfederation.com * click here for Waiver

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2023 KBF Tournament Schedule

Following the 2023 KBF State Tournament, the Scheduling for 2024 KBF Events will begin. At each Event during 2024 the new Tournament Rule states that NO individual will be permitted to Fish Alone. Boaters & Co-Anglers begin NOW SEARCHING for your Guarantee for the morning Draw.

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1Cent RvrSun9/24/227–3OH Rv/TannersResults
2Sou CentSat10/8/226–3Cumberland/ ConleyResults
3Cent RvrSat10/29/227–3OH Rv /Pt ParkResults
4Sou CentSat11/5/227–3Cumberland / ConleyResults
5Sou CentSat11/19/227–3Cumberland / ConleyResults
6Sou CentSat12/10/227–3Cumberland / ConleyResults
7CentralSun3/19/236-3Barren/Port OliverResults
8TuesWkdyTues3/21/236-3Barren / Port OliverResults
9Sou CentSat3/25/23SL-3Cumberland / ConleyResults
10CentralSun4/8/237-4Green-Lone ValleyResults
11TuesWkdyTues4/11/237-3Green – Ramp 1Results
12Sou CentSat4/15/23SL-3Dale Hollow/ St DockResults
13CentralSun4/16/236-2Guist Creek / MarinaResults
14Cent RvrSat4/22/236-2Oh RVR / Craigs CrkResults
15NorthernSun4/23/236:3OH Rvr / Big BoneResults
16Sou CentSat4/29/23SL-3Dale Hollow / St Dock Results
17CentSun4/30/236-2Taylorsvle / OpossumResults
18Cent RvrSat5/6/236-2OH Rvr / TannersResults
19Sou CentSat5/6/23SL-3Cumberland / ConleyResults
20NorthernSun5/7/236-3Oh Rvr / Big BoneResults
21CentralSat5/20/236-3Green / Lone ValleyResults
22CentralSun5/21/236-2Taylorsvle / OpossumResults
23TuesWkdyTues5/23/236-2Green – Ramp 1Results
24Cent RvrSat6/3/236-2OH Rv /Pt ParkResults
25CentralSun6/11/237 -3Barren / Port OliverResults
26CentralSun6/11/237 -3Guist Creek / MarinaResults
27TueswkdyTues6/13/235-2Barren / Port OliverResults
28NorthernSun6/25/236-3Oh Rvr / AugustaResults
29NorthernSun7/30/236-3Oh Rvr / Big BoneResults
Cent RvrSun8/5/236-3Oh RVR / Craigs CrkResults
31Cent RvrSat8/26/236-3Oh RVR /Pt ParkResults
RegKBF St TourFriday9/15/234-6Barren River Port OliverRules Briefing
day 1KBF St TournSat9/16/237-3Barren River Port OliverResults
day 2KBF St TournSun9/17/237-3Barren River Port OliverResults

KBF State Tournament : On Friday all Boats MUST be off the Water NO LATER than 3:00 PM

List of Directors that Manage each Division

DivisionDirectorPhone #email
CentralSteven Taylor502-314-8011steventaylor@wareinc.com
Central RiverChris Allen812-595-8609ctallen00@yahoo.com
South CentralBobby Kidwell859-455-6486ntwodeep@icloud.com
NorthernKarl Snyder513-919-1019karlkingfisher@aol.com
Tuesday WeekdayRonald Rowlett606-219-9284rrowlett1764@outlook.com

Should you have any Questions concerning the Scheduled Tournament, Please contact the Director of that Divison to answer any and all questions you may have.

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