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In KY, Youth Members can join the Ky Junior Bassmasters Youth Program. 

Youth Program Age Group is 8th Grade or Less, (you cannot have started the 9th Grade.) 

As a side note we will be adding some verbiage as soon as we get it from the National Federation of High School Athletic Association’s on how they address kids held back for multiple years and will be following that rule too so we don’t have 17 year old 8th graders either. They have already solved this issue and it is accepted practice wo we will use that.

The Youth Program is a Team Event and requires each Team to supply their own Boat Captain.  When registering for the Tournament both Team Members must register.  No Team member can register at an event to compete alone.  All Boats when ready for takeoff MUST have 3 participants.  (2 Team members and a Boat Captain). At NO time will a Team be permitted to go out on body of water with less than 3 occupants in the Boat. If one Team member cannot make said event, then an Alternate or Observer must be present.

Jr Tournament events at NO TIME pay any monies to the YOUTH.

Standard Membership Yearly cost is:  $40.00 per yr.  $15.00 for State Dues +$25.00 for TBF National Dues.  Membership to the Youth Program entitles Juniors to ONLY compete in the KBF Jr Members Scheduled events.  

At each of the 8 Divisional Jr Tournaments, each Youth member will pay a Entry Fee of $15.00 per member for each event.  All Youth Entry Fees & the $15.00 State Dues are set aside for use during the Year to purchase Trophies for the winners at each event, the State Tournament,  Travel Stipend to the JWC, and to cover the cost of a Pizza Party/Banquet that will be held at the State Tournament.

NOTE: When joing the KBF Jr Bassmasters Club, keep in mind that the $25.00

TBF National Dues also includes free of charge a FLW Subscriber Membership which comes with the FLW Magazine, in order to recive the Magazine, we must have on record with your membership a valid email address.  The Magazine is a Online edition of the FLW Magazine.


All Junior events are Team events and require Team to consist of 2 Members and a Boat Captain. Per Insurance Regulations NO BOAT is permitted to compete in a Junior Event with less that 3 person in the Boat at all Times. Each Team & Boat Captains are Required to fill out the Liability Release Wavier. Click link below to find the Wavier.

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