Revised 2020 KBF Adult Schedule

All events from 3/21/2020 thru 5/31/2020 were cancelled due to the Convid-19

Final Results and Point standings just Posted at 1:58 PM Sunday 8/9/2020

Point Standings for Best of 3 after 24Events Point Standings

1 Cent3/8/2020BarrenPort OliverSun6*3Results
19 Tues Wkdy6/2/2020BarrenNarrowsTue6:30-2Results
20 Cent River6/6/2020Ohio RiverCraigs CrkSAT6*2:30Results
21 Sou Central6/6/2020CumberlandHalcombs LandingSat6*2 ESTResults
22 East6/7/2020Cave RunAlfreySun6*3Results
23 Two Lakes6/7/2020TaylorsvilleOppossum RidgeSun6:30-2Results
24 Sou Central6/13/2020CumberlandHalcombs Landing Sat6*2 ESTResults
25 East6/14/2020Ohio RiverLittle SandySun6*3Results
26 Two Lakes6/14/2020TaylorsvilleOppossumSun6:30-2Results
27 Tues Wkdy6/16/2020GreenGRMTue6:30-2Results
28 Cent6/20/2020BarrenPort OliverSun5:30-2:30Results
29 West KY6/20/2020Ky LakeKenLake SPSAT6*2Results
30 Cent6/21/2020BarrenPort OliverSun5:30-2:30Results
31 Tues Wkdy6/23/2020GreenGreen River Tues6:30-2Results
32 Sou Central6/27/2020CumberlandHalcombsSat6*2 ESTResults
33 North6/28/2020Ohio RiverBig BoneSun6*3Results
34 Two Lakes6/28/2020Guist CreekMarina rampSun6:30-2Results
35 Cent River7/11/2020Ohio RiverPt ParkSAT6*2Results
36 East7/12/2020Ohio RiverLittle SandySun6*3Results
37 North7/12/2020Ohio RiverBig BoneSun6*3Results
38 West KY7/18/2020BarkleyBarkley St ParkSat6*2Results
39 North7/26/2020Ohio RiverBig BoneSun6*3Results
40 Cent River8/1/2020Ohio RiverCraigs CrkSAT6*2Results
41 West KY8/8/2020BarkleyKuttawaSAT6*2Results
St Tour8/29/2019GreenRamp 1SAT7*3d1 results
St Tour8/30/2019GreenRamp 1Sun7*3d2 results
St Tour8/30/2019GreenRamp 1Sun7*32 day total
Mike SullivanCent
John CooperSou
Jeff RicheyTues
Eugene PuckettTwo
Paul LackeyWest 

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