Attention KBF membership

Ladies & Gentlemen,

“The Race is On”   After 15 completed events we now have several members that have competed in the required 4 events to Qualify for the KBF State Tournament on the weekend of August 19th & 20th.

To compete a member is Required to have competed in 4 or more events to Qualify.  There now are only 9 events left for you to reach your 4 Total.

Now comes the big Twist.  Keep in mind that in addition to the 6 Boaters & 6 Co Anglers that win their Division by Highest Points earned, the Top 10 Boaters & Top 10 Co Anglers will join the Divisional Winners and compete at the State Tournament for the Titles of Boater of the Year & Co Angler of the Year.   Keep in mind that the Top 10 spots aside from the Divisional Winners is not locked in.  Members that are fishing more events than the 4 in their Division are compiling points and when the Best 4 are calculated, you could be BEATEN.


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