Attention: Statewide Bass Club Members

Beginning on Saturday April 23,2022, KY Statewide Bass Club has chosen 1 Tournament in each of the 8 Divisions. The Statewide Bass Club will award 1 Boater & 1 Co Angler an Invitation to the D-03 KY/TN National Semi Final Championship on Cumberland Lake, Conley Bottom ramp. Currently the Statewide Club has berths for 3 Bo’s/3Co’s and will receive additional berths as the membership increases throughout the year. The NSF berths will be awarded to the Top Sticks via of Total Events Fished, Total Points earned in the SELECTED 8 EVENTS shown on the Statewide Tournament Schedule will be used as the 1st Tiebreaker. Statewide members, view the posted schedule and all Tournaments that are shown with a PURPLE background /White numbers will receive Points to be calculated for the Berths. Most events fished of the 8 Selected events will win, ties will be determined by total points. The Statewide club was able to send 5 Bo’s & 5 Co’s last year. Keep in mind that to attend the NSF there MUST be an equal number of Bo’s & Co’s some boaters may have to consider switching to a Co or even vice versa.

On the KBF Best of 4 Events Fished Spreadsheet shows 9 Columns with a Purple background. The PURPLE column to the right of KBF member’s name with X indicates this member is a member of Statewide Bass Club, the remaining 8 PURPLE columns is the designated STATEWIDE BASS CLUB TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE FOR 2022

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