KBF Youth event

KBF Youth / Open KBF SAF Tournament

July 11, 2020

Green River Lake / Site 1 Ramp

6:30 – 2:30 Eastern Time / Sign up starts at 5:30 (for additional details contact, KBF Youth Director Ricky Kempton 606-307-7401

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Kentucky Bass Federation

The Governor Of Kentucky has opened up Bass Tournament Fishing Starting 06/01/2020 Social Distancing Guidelines Need to Be Followed

This applies to all KBF sanctioned events. Qualifiers have been rescheduled and new schedule is being sent out in an email blast to the membership. New 2020 rules to qualify for State Championship changes for this tournament year are included

(2020 Tournament Schedule has been updated)

Rule Change for 2020 tournament year only: To qualify for the KBF State Championship a members must fish in 3 Qualifiers or Buy 3 Qualifiers ahead of tournament being bought by sending entry fee to Director to be included in that Qualifiers pay out.

Angler & Co-Angler of the year points will be calculated from best 3 finishes in points and both days at the State Championship. You may fish as many Qualifiers as you want but only your best 3 in points will count. (Qualifiers bought do not count toward your points total)

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Lance Freeman shines on Final Day of FNC

Lance Freeman on day1 bagged 5/5 fish for 14-14 lbs. Day 2 his 5 fish limit weighed in at 19-08 lbs, and on day 3 smoked the field with another 5 fish limit with another 19 plus pound sack to capture the Federation National Championship on Grand Lake of the Cherokee in Grove. Ok.

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KBF Members a short Report on KBF anglers at Federation National Championship

Congratulations to Lance Freeman, Michael Blumer, Craig Middleton, & Scott Neiheisel as they truly represented KBF well and all 4 gentlemen proved to be an exceptional Representative for the State of Kentucky

See the Full Results for day 1 and day 2 at the TBF website.

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