Kentucky Bass Federation “ONLY”

Kentucky Bass Federation President and KBF Board Members have made a Board decision that ALL KBF Tournament events for Adults, & Ky Jr Bassmasters that are members of the Kentucky Bass Federation have been deemed as CANCELED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

This call applies to KBF sanctioned events only and will be rescheduled at a later date.

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KBF Tournament Guidelines

KBF COVID-19 Divisional Tournament Guidelines–
KBF Anglers:

As of Monday, President Trump issued new Coronavirus guidance, striking a more urgent tone about the outbreak. He asked the public to avoid restaurants, bars, and groups larger than 10 people for at least 15 days, and to avoid groups larger than 50 people for the next 8 weeks. The President also warned the fight could stretch into August. Again, I want to stress that KBF wants to be a proactive partner with the local and national health authorities. Here are the guide lines our tournaments will operate by until this pandemic is over.

We are aware that some ramps have been closed. If you believe your ramp has been affected by this, please check with the director of the tournament you’re wanting to fish to ensure it has not been cancelled.

If the tournament has not been cancelled, these are the guidelines we would like for you to follow:
1.        Morning Registration
o        Only 5 anglers may come to the registration area at any one time. If you see more than 5 anglers already in line, then please stay in your vehicle until there is less than 5 people.
o        If you must fill out a registration form, you will be asked to return to your vehicle to complete the form. You may get back in line once the line has less than 5 people in it.
o        Please practice social distancing by maintaining a minimum of 5 feet apart from each other while in line.
2.        Pre-tournament Meeting
o        Pre-tournament meeting will take place on the water.
o        Please maintain a minimum of 5 feet apart from each other.
3.        Weigh-in
o        Only 5 anglers may bring their fish to the weigh-in at any one time. If you see that less than 5 anglers are in line, then you may get in line. Otherwise, please keep your fish in your livewell and stay with your boat or vehicle until there is less than 5 anglers in line.
o        If you’re in line to weigh-in, please stay a minimum of 5 feet apart from each other.
o        After you have weighed-in, please return to your boat or vehicle to await the final results. If you are not in the money, we asked that you go ahead home at this time.
§        Anglers will not be permitted to hangout around the weigh-in station.

I believe if we follow these guidelines and practice good hygiene, we can still have our tournaments and be within the requirements of the national health authorities.

We are all in this together.
Rodney Bridgeman
KBF President

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Lance Freeman shines on Final Day of FNC

Lance Freeman on day1 bagged 5/5 fish for 14-14 lbs. Day 2 his 5 fish limit weighed in at 19-08 lbs, and on day 3 smoked the field with another 5 fish limit with another 19 plus pound sack to capture the Federation National Championship on Grand Lake of the Cherokee in Grove. Ok.

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KBF Members a short Report on KBF anglers at Federation National Championship

Congratulations to Lance Freeman, Michael Blumer, Craig Middleton, & Scott Neiheisel as they truly represented KBF well and all 4 gentlemen proved to be an exceptional Representative for the State of Kentucky

See the Full Results for day 1 and day 2 at the TBF website.

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